We are a community.  we are family. we are individuals yet we are one. we are thousands of miles apart but come together in one city, at one moment at any time. we march. we yell. we cry.  we fight. we fight because with out fighting we don’t exist. we fight because with out fighting we lay down hands up accepting that we deserve to die. we fight for those who have been robbed from our neighborhoods our community, our streets. we are not the thieves.  we are not the animals. we are not the thugs. we are not the gang. we are black. we are black people with black souls, black minds, black hearts and black voices; black voices that exclaim that our black love matters – our black life matters. we matter.  we are strong and we stand together. we are not afraid. 

we are bullet proof.

we are bullet proof because our beliefs, our hopes, our dreams, us as black people will never die. we will never die. we are immortal! we live within one another. we have our voice. we have our memory. we have our story and we have our power.  we are a force sewn through time plated by a black bronze of pain, violence, love, and persistence. we are hooded with the names of those who have carved the paths that we march and chant to reclaim our bodies, our communities, and our life. 


We are Bulletproof.